a Compressor with Overdrive Guitar Effects Pedal
Please allow 5 days as only built to order!

This is basically a compressor, based on the early designs from the 70’s
I have taken all the good bits and mixed them to together to produce a really seamless compressor,
one of those pedals you only notice it when its off! (which is how they should be!)
Speaking of which, the manual Foot Stomp Switch is for the Compressor or TrueBypass.

I have also added an Overdrive with but with Soft Touch switching for
when you want to add a little grit/dirt/fuzz or whatever you call it.

The Overdrive again has its design origins from the late 60’s early 70’s and I have
managed to get hold of some rare old transistors (its them that get overdriven and create the Fuzz!)
which gives this pedal a great flavour and you have from un boosted to 3 Mid Boosts choices!
Centre Knob with LEDs for indication (does it get any better!!)

I’ve called this pedal Twisted, and the reason is simple. For those who really like to be in control you can Twist the way
the signal path runs. (So you see I’m referring to the signal not the user!!)
In any case the Compressor must be on otherwise you have True ByPass.
So at the rear you can Twist Compressor > Overdrive or Overdrive > Compressor by means
of 6 dip switches.

At the moment I am only building to order so please allow 5 days before I can ship out. Plus the final product
will be as close to the pics supplied but sometimes I see ways to improve so you might get some very slight
changes to your pedal, but these will be for the better!

Please feel free to ask questions.