Incorporating a Compressor with a Tremelo and a switchable buffer.

Being a guitarist myself I’d thought I should really do something that’s not just another effects pedal but something that’s practical and useful too!

Compressors are like cold butter on hot toast, dry toast is bland and, well ….yuck! In other words, turn a compressor off and then and only then do you really notice how much you miss it! This compressor is a culmination of the best compressors ever designed with added 3 position compression switching, Compression Level and bags of headroom. Now add a Tremolo in with Spacing, Speed, Depth, Smooth plus a soft touch Speed Shift and now you have an extremely powerful and useful piece of kit at your feet. But that’s not the bigZed way, so how about incorporating a “Kill” switch! So you can use the power of the amps built into the TremMore but without the Tremolo enabling a powerful buffer for your pedal board when ever you want. So you have a choice TrueByPass of Buffered ByPass….not many pedals are this practical!!



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