A completely hand crafted Guitar Effects Reverberation Pedal

“The Black Hole”
Not just your standard reverberation pedal but a reverb with a real kick and twist..
This little beaut has a very powerful volume control and adjustable reverberation control as well as the centre knob controlling tone, colour and boost.
The switch just above the Tone and Reverb controls will blow your mind! 
Switch from Real World Reverb to the The Black Hole itself giving some really awesome spacy and atmospheric effects increasing the reverberation to way over 150%.
Completely hand built by BigZed of Devon. 
(Hand crafted enclosures; Custom designs including your own artwork; Combo pedals made to order; If you’re just looking for something different.) 
Designed with all the connections at the rear of the box and allows for side by side pedals without the chaotic mess of connecting leads taking up your valuable pedal board real-estate!
True ByPass, Internally illuminated 
Comes complete with bag, battery clip and it’s very own foam lined box.


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