SupaSixties ToneBender MkII Professional



bigZed’s SupaSixties ToneBender MkII Professional

with Bias control and Soft Touch True ByPass or Standard (no separate Bias control and normal clunk switch)

If you are looking for an old classic 60’s sound to push through your amp from your pedal board you have a few options such as the Fuzz Face and Tone Bender. The only trouble with these original pedals they used PNP germanium transistors which reverses your positive and negative signal from your guitar making them incompatible with most of today’s pedals. That’s ok if you don’t mind having a separate daisy chain system just for these pedals! However, you do have another choice,  bigZed’s SupaSixties ToneBender MkII Professional. Using genuine PNP germanium components, so you still have these classic sounds, I have   incorporated a charge pump (power chip) in my pedal so you can use them within your normal daisy chain on your pedalboard! I am constantly searching the internet for old stock germanium components. In the original designs they used transistors such as NKT275, OC75, OC76, OC81 and even SFT337 which are really becoming rare and therefore so very expensive and that’s only if they are not replicas or even worse, fakes!!! So making a pedal using these parts would not be cost effective as I would need to have buckets of them so as to match just three measuring their HFe values but even more important, auditioning each one before committing them to my pedal.  When I feel that the sound is as it should be, then and only then do I close the lid. So in my quest to get as close to the sound you’d expect I use transistors that are genuine and mostly from that era NOS (new old stock) germaniums, that can range from NKT275’s used in the original Fuzz Face or AC125, AC128, 2N404 and even some old Russian germanium transistors. This way I am able get the price down to a reasonable level for such great tone.

Due to the limited number of stock transistors I will only be making a limited number of these pedals so if you are interested please get in touch to avoid disappointment



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