Sonic Growler





2 enclosures versions to choose from.

As an admirer of probably the Worlds all time greatest band Pink Floyd and especially Sir David Gilmour and his beautiful guitar solos I’ve been inspired to try a capture those unique and classic soundzzz  so I’ve  come up with a combination of Distortion and Overdive and merged them into The Sonic Growler. The new style bigZed enclosure has the main control knobs Drive, Tone (2) and Sustain on the rear with illuminated numbers facing up toward you when over looking the pedal as most guitarists seem to do. Just the two volume controls on the less to kick off when using the stomp switches!

The Sonic is a classic overdrive with Drive controlling the range of fuzziness from clean to smooth and creamy with Tone adding High and Low pass filtering and of course Volume.

The Growler is more of a distortion with bags of Sustain and a real crunchy growl! Tone providing the High and Low pass filtering adding great variations on a theme. Volume as with the Sonic Volume on the front  for easy adjustment.

Unusual to find a combination of Overdrive and Distortion in together in one pedal but when you turn both on it’s like having a third pedal, the soundzz are endless!

Using the  highest quality parts sourced from around the world ranging from new old stock glass germanium diodes (giving that 70’s smooth crunch) to the more modern more raspy silicon components giving a wide range of smooth drive.

Now for the updated Part 2 from Robin Brown….


Robin Brown It is such a good pedal, I set it up and recorded. I am going to do a 2nd video and capture some of the variations that can be achieved. It makes the transistor Marshall at the cave sound like a tube amp. It is one hell of a beast of a pedal, Bill is a wizard I am sure of it…
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