SiPep with SupaSilent Soft Touch




One for the Beatles fans and people who like those early sixties fuzz boxes! This is the Silicon Pep (SiPep) with studio quality soft and silent switching from bypass to effect. Built with original BC107s transistors giving that unique flavour of the era. Not your normal everyday fuzz box, the SiPep is a little different and stands out from that crowd. I’ve added a Tone control to give you the option to soften down the peppermint flavour shrill it can deliver therefor adding the option of getting the sound just right for you. I have been doing a lot of research on getting away from the clunky stomp switches on pedals today and I have come up with The SupaSilent Soft Touch.  Designed with the studio in mind and eliminating those clunk clicks and pops when going from bypass to effect. Also useful when using a semi acoustic guitar, violin or even a cello in a quieter venue and those clunks when switching into or out of effect are really unwelcome.


Comes with external 9 volt battery clip, gig bag and it’s very own foam lined postage box.


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