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bigZed: Funkmatic Filter, Sample & Hold with Expression InPut (Filter) and Soft Touch True ByPass and stomp foot switch for the Filter to Sample ‘n’ Hold switching.

Its really two pedals in one. Using the Soft Touch switch on the Filter you basically have an auto wah effect and on the Sample&Hold side (Standard Foot Stomp Switch) you have a funky rhythmic beat following your input as Frank Zappa used one on Shut Up ‘n Play Yer Guitar. Ship Ahoy. Completely Hand Built using quality components, PCB, Soft Touching from TrueByPass to pedal engagement, standard stomp switch for Sample&Hold.

Your Guitar Volume will need to be cranked up as the effect needs all it can get from your pick ups to drive the effect..this is how it was designed and normal procedure!

Filter: Now with Expression Input (Moog EP-3 Tested)  controls the sensitivity of the envelope follower to picking dynamics as it is turned clockwise and can be adjusted on the fly.

Attack: This controls the intensity of the envelope attack as it is turned clockwise.

Decay: This controls the time decay of the envelope/swept filter as it is turned clockwise.

Res: This controls the filter resonance from dark and full to thin and resonant and has some influence on both Filter and Sample & Hold.

Tempo: The rate of the LFO in Sample/Hold mode ONLY.

Stomp Switch: This switches between the Envelope Filter and Sample/Hold modes.

The Trimpots for Range and Intensity (Sample&Hold ONLY) can easily be accessed by inserting a small insulated screwdriver through two holes on the control panel you can set and forget! However,  please remember these are for fine adjustment so on some settings you’ll find that the effect will stop working, so trial and error is needed on your part.  The trims are for controlling the Range and  Intensity on Sample & Hold ONLY.  On this section of the pedal you will always hear the steps when not being played, this is perfectly normal. There is no bleed in Filter mode. 

Comes with postage box, 9 volt battery clip (external).

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