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bigZed: Funkmatic Filter, Sample & Hold with Expression InPut (Filter) and Soft Touch True ByPass and stomp foot switch for the Filter to Sample ‘n’ Hold switching.All tucked into my smaller Z box with illuminated dials, small rubber feet on the base allowing for velcro to be used.BigZed Filter,Sample &Hold. Frank Zappa used one on Shut Up ‘n Play Yer Guitar. Ship Ahoy. A real funky classic pedal It is really two effects in one: an envelope filter and a sample/hold. Completely Hand Built using quality components, PCB, Soft Touching from TrueByPass to pedal engagement, standard stomp switch for Sample&Hold even a pulsing Speed Knob!!!

Filter: Now with Expression Input (Moog EP-3 Tested)  controls the sensitivity of the envelope follower to picking dynamics as it is turned clockwise and can be adjusted on the fly.

Attack: This controls the intensity of the envelope attack as it is turned clockwise.

Decay: This controls the time decay of the envelope/swept filter as it is turned clockwise.

Rez: This controls the filter resonance from dark and full to thin and resonant.

Tempo: The rate of the LFO in Sample/Hold mode.

SW1: This switches between the Envelope Filter and Sample/Hold modes.

Trim 1 and Trim 2 are external pots to give you full control over the Sample & Hold portion of this pedal. You needs these to set up the S&H and even experiment with the weird and wonderful sounds that this fabulous pedal can produce.


Comes with postage box, 9 volt battery clip (external) and gig bag.

Thank you for looking.


Built to order please allow 5 days before dispatch 

£249.95 plus Postage


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