Razored 2




Something different…The new style enclosure was launched with the Razored, and here comes Razored 2! Now a Growler is combined with the powerful Octave effect. The Octavian is based on the Tycobrahe Octavia, a very rare and sort after effects pedal from the 70’s, so now you will have an awesome piece of kit. The “Razored” series is a tribute to the early days of amps and electric guitars and a world without guitar pedals!!! Can you imagine that!!! To change the tone and get that fuzzy sound one option was to actually slice the speaker with a razor! With the high costs of amps these days thank goodness for the guitar pedal eh? Called Razored 2 as Razored comes with the Sonic and now you have a choice Sonic or Growler with the Octavian. Recapture those great tones of Hendrix, Stevie Ray Vaughan and the likes!!


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