Retrograde Octavian Professional

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Retrograde Octavian Professional

Professional version includes soft touch on both TrueByPass and Octave switching,

so you have a choice of a great stand alone Fuzz or Fuzz with Octave.

Accidental reverse polarity protection.

Dual Inputs

Input 1 for single wound coils and Input 2 with Attenuation control 

for double wound and high output coils like Humbuckers for instance!

Input 2 and control is automatically shut off when input 1 is in use

Strong “Z box” enclosure with unique artwork

This is a one off ONLY!

For an idea of the sound go here

Listen for yourself how the pedal sounds, performed by bigZed pedal owners.

Based on the old and very rare Octavai by Tycobrahe. 

The Master himself brought this fabulous wall of fuzz octave to life when he used it in Purple Haze, 

hence my tribute. 

Also used by all the greats including SRV, Page, Beck and the likes. 

This great design incorporates an audio transformer and more importantly 

to really get that magical old skool feel,

 I’ve used matched germanium diodes. 

As with almost any analog octave effect, the most pronounced upper octave is achieved by using the guitar’s neck pickup, with the tone rolled all the way off and notes played around the 12th fret. 

You can also get ring modulator type sounds with chords or with the volume knob on your guitar rolled down. 

Best of all, you get a great “dive­bomb” effect when doing double­stop bends! With True ByPass. 

 Enclosed into my latest illuminated “Z” box….this pedal really stands out amongst a crowed pedalboard, 

 which is practical, tough and best of all “knob knock resistant!!”. 


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