“Infinity” Combo…featuring  a versatile Compressor with a three position switch and Compressor control enabling you to get exactly the level of squishiness you are after or crank it right up for a touch of colour! A Buffered ByPass which ensures your true pickup signal reaches the amp without any loss of frequency due to long leads and multiple pedals, a real professional must! Combined with a classic Overdrive with a unique Century switch. Go from the smooth fuzz of the 60’s ‘n’ 70’s germanium components to the more raspy soundzzz of modern silicon! Both Compressor and Overdrive have their own Volume control with tons of headroom and LED’s to indicate red when in ByPass or blue or Green when Active, so you always know where you are with the settings. Designed to be uniform in size and shape so as to make best use of floor space and foot friendly. All the connections and power sockets are at the top of the boxes creating less chaos and less chance of tangles. If you are looking for something different and personalised then feel free to email or call to discuss what can be done for you.

Thanks to David Dexter for the video demo….

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