Infinity 2



Infinity 2

Version 2 still has that cool bigZed Compressor with a 3-way Comp Level switch at the rear just adding a little versatility to the Compressor catering for picking or strumming along with the Compressor Level control plus a trim pot on the side giving you overall control of the Compressor Output Volume, easily controlled with your thumb nail. I did this so as not to confuse or get mixed up with the Compressor Level control which really is for the level compression only and not volume. This effect is a great addition to any pedalboard so can be left working all the time but when it’s switched off you’ll really notice it’s off!
The Growler has some New Old Stock components BC107’s and germanium diodes giving that real soft and smooth crunch so not a massive distortion and along with Tone Control, Mid Booster switch at the rear and Sustain Control you have total control over the amount of smooth crunch you need. Quite a versatile effect all on its’ own but combined with the Compressor so some really great sounds can be squeezed out of this box.
Both effects have standard stomp switches and LEDs that show red when in True ByPass and Blue when engaged. Gig bag and 9v external battery clip included.

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