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This is really for the discerning guitarist wanting to get only the best out of their gear. The original Fuzz Face used a very simplistic design utilising two germanium PNP transistors with an internal trim to set the voltage to the second transistor via the collector and the result was that classic fuzz sound used by Hendrix, Page, Beck and the likes! The only draw back was because of using PNP transistors no other pedal could be daisy chained. Also if batteries were used and as they ran down, the voltage would change, this would have an affect on the collectors bias voltage and the whole sound would change. With the Phuzz Face Professional you still get the PNP Germanium transistor design but by adding a charge pump fools the transistors into working with neighbouring pedals. Moving the trim pot to a full external control allows you to get more out of this fantastic pedal, and to keep an eye on the bias voltage you can slide the side switch every now and then to check what’s occurring with the actual volts feeding the transistor! The side switch also cuts out the output signal avoiding unwanted noise getting to your amp, this is because its adding the indicator circuit. So the side switch only allows the voltage indicator to work when you need to check the Bias feed and so it’s not interfering with the original design. You can of course just turn the Bias control until you get the sound you’re looking for but having the voltage indicator allows to set the control to exactly the same reading every time you use the pedal.

Here’s Daz Keenan giving the Fuzz Face Pro a once over!!


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