AMG Synthesiser (with Soft Touch True ByPass Switching)

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Introducing the Analog Monophonic Guitar Synthesiser, AMG Synth.

The AMG Synth is a wall of  fuzz, with a pronounced octave up generated by an audio transformer derived from the Tycobrahe OctaviaTM which is another one of those mythical and practically unobtainable classic stompboxes. This one is very popular for collectors and it is not rare to see them go for over £1000 on eBay. It also features the ability to go down one octave and even sub octave. As with almost any analog octave effect, the most pronounced upper octave is achieved by using the guitar’s neck pickup, with the tone rolled all the way off and notes played around the 12th fret. You can also get ring modulator type sounds with chords or with the volume knob on your guitar rolled down. The drive control on it’s own gives you a real nice smooth distortion, add in some octave down or up and even sub octave you have so many combinations of achieving some great fuzz to suit you. The tone control acts more like a filter and helps soften or brighten only slightly the octaves. Works well with other overdrive, fuzz pedals. Just turn the Drive down and let the signal from the other pedal be the Drive.

Also included with this build is a Soft Touch True ByPass stomp switch. No clunky clicks just smooth soft switching!

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