Pedals for 2019


Travel back to the 70’s with this great Funky and sometimes outrageous pedal. Two versions Red cover has Standard Stomp  switches for True ByPass and Sample&Hold the Purple cover has bigZed’s Soft Touch True ByPass switch with Standard Stomp for S&H both have illuminated Control for the times when darkness is an issue!

Hand Crafted
Great Britain

DEEP SPACE Hand Crafted on Planet Earth

A way of helping you getting your style across starting with Deep Space incorporating a Delay with Tails, Chorus, Buffer, True ByPass with an input for a Passive Expression Pedal all in just one small user friendly enclosure with illuminated control panel, soft touch switching for effects and standard Stomp Switch for True ByPass

You have effects in just ONE pedal

BigZed's Classic

bigZed’s  Classic Overdive is carrying on that tradition being based on a true old fashioned tried and tested design with 3 Mid Boost settings and incredible original NOS transistors (limited number so don’t hang about). With updated PCB, position indicating LED’s, illuminated panel (essential for dark venues) and Soft Touch switching especially designed for getting rid of unwanted clunks!!