Completely Hand Crafted


Reverb with Chorus and Delay with Tails
Expression Pedal Input for Delay with Tails

Essentially a Reverb pedal utilising the Belton BTDR enabling all this to fit into a 135mm x 100mm spacewith the addition of an Expression Input allowing control of the Reverb with your foot.
Soft Touch silent switching for the Chorus and Delay with Tails this allows for switching on the fly.
Master ByPass stomp switch for Reverb or True ByPass
Chorus with Depth control adds a lush 12 string feel with a vibrato controlled by the Rate knob
Delay has Tails when switched out to give a more natural sounding effect plus underneath you a have Delay Mix (we to dry signal) trimpot.

High power demand (200ma) so pedalboard power required. 
Built to order so please allow 5 days before shipment 


Deeper Space

Delay with Tails, Chorus, Reverb TrueByPass and Expression Input (Delay)

Deeper Space Chorus, Delay with Tails and REVERB has a master Stomp switch which enables to be switched to True ByPass when pedal not required and 2 x SoftTouch Relay Switches one for Delay with Tails and Reverb the other for the lush rich Chorus. The SoftTouch Relay Switching System enables you to switch in and out while performing live without loud clicks being echoed through the delay section as with the standard stomp switch. The Delay has Tails so finishes with a more natural feel when switched to standby.

The Chorus has Depth and Pulse controls (Blue Knobs and LEDs). The Pulse gives a soft vibrato adding to the rich Depth of chorus. The rate or speed of the Pulse is indicated with the LED on the Chorus SoftTouch switching even when Red for standby and Blue for on.  

When the pedal is Engaged and the Chorus and Delay/Reverb are in the standby mode (Red LEDs) the built in op amps act as a buffer which can drive your signal cleanly through even other pedals in the chain to the amp. The reason for the op amps always being active is to enable the echoes on the Delay to finish more naturally when you switch from Delay/Reverb ON (Green LED) to standby (Red LED) so while the pedal is ENGAGED you have a Buffer at your disposal, of course when the pedal is switched from ENGAGED to TrueByPass you lose the Buffer. This is the standard stomp switch in the top centre of the pedal.     

You can also get some really spacie and freaky sounds with the passive Expression input. 

I used a Passive Moog EP-3 Universal Expression Pedal to test. 

Pulse:Controls the speed of oscillation (Chorus)

Depth: Controls the Chorus strength (Chorus)

Reverb: Deeper Space when cranked all the way to the right (Delay/Reverb)

Echo:Sets the number of repeats (Delay/Reverb) and has Tails when switched to standby.

Delay:Sets the Delay timing 600 to 0ms (Delay/Reverb) Delay maximum full left to zero full right

Expression Input: Cuts out the Delay knob and gives it to the pedal (Delay/Reverb)

So there you have it……FOUR pedals in one where you can mix and match chorus with delay/Reverb or each on their own or simply use the buffer to drive your signal through other pedals a must if you have more than one pedal on your board! So lots of choice and great addition to your crowded pedalboard.

Pedalboard power supply strongly recommended 



a Compressor
Soft Touch overdrive

Deep Space

Deep Space II Chorus and Delay with Tails has a master Stomp switch which enables to switch to True ByPass when the pedal is not required and 2 bigZed Soft Touch switches one for each effect. Delay has a buffered Soft Touch bypass which enables the echoes to finish and sound more natural. The Chorus has a rich lush 12 string feel with pulse and be switched in or out, the LED will indicate how much pulse you have set even when not in use with the red LED pulsing.

I know True ByPass is mostly the preferred option so the main Stomp switch allows just that, but you do have the option of using the Delay’s buffer which is great for pushing pick up signals through a daisy chained pedal board. So you have basically 3 pedals all in one.

The other feature is the Expression Input. This input is for Passive pedals only and I have set this up using a Moog EP-3 pedal to test.