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a Compressor
Soft Touch overdrive

Deep space ii

Deep Space II Chorus and Delay with Tails has a master Stomp switch which enables to switch to True ByPass when the pedal is not required and 2 bigZed Soft Touch switches one for each effect. Delay has a buffered Soft Touch bypass which enables the echoes to finish and sound more natural. The Chorus has a rich lush 12 string feel with pulse and be switched in or out, the LED will indicate how much pulse you have set even when not in use with the red LED pulsing.

I know True ByPass is mostly the preferred option so the main Stomp switch allows just that, but you do have the option of using the Delay’s buffer which is great for pushing pick up signals through a daisy chained pedal board. So you have basically 3 pedals all in one.

The other feature is the Expression Input. This input is for Passive pedals only and I have set this up using a Moog EP-3 pedal to test.

bigZed’s Classic overdrive coming soon………..

Dating back to when dinosaurs roamed planet Earth and guitarists were just starting to use effects pedals rather than razor slash their amp speakers and in particular  the “Distortion” (probably what really killed off the dino’s!!)

bigZed’s Classic Overdrive is carrying on that tradition being based on a true old fashioned tried and tested design with 3 Mid Boost settings and incredible original NOS transistors (limited number so don’t hang about). With updated PCB, position indicating LED’s, illuminated panel (essential for dark venues) and Soft Touch switching especially designed for getting rid of unwanted clunks!! 

So watch this space…